Planning 2021 with you in mind


In wishing you a happy new year we’re keen you make your year a success online.

We’re all asking ourselves key questions like “am I squeezing all the possible value from my website?” and these are leading to some interesting conversations with clients who are keen to maintain an online advantage with their website. Join me for a virtual coffee to spark some innovative ideas as to what we can do this year to make you the best you can be online.

Join me for a virtual coffee – How can I get a greater online return?


Add Two Factor Authentication to my site  Two Factor Authentication (2fa) for WordPress Administrators

If you run a WordPress website you are aware that it is a fantastic platform for developing effective websites at modest cost, however it is imperative that you have security in mind.

We are offering clients the ability to extend their security to include Two Factor Authentication to their login. This can be applied to just admins or in can be extended to other users. This is one further line of defence to keep your data safe and website running. If the site gathers commercially sensitive or personal identifying information then this is one further step that is congruent with GDPR principles.

To add Two Factor Authentication to your site the cost is £50 per annum per site.

We will waive any set up fees for orders placed in January:

Order here:

Add Two Factor Authentication to my site


Meet Up Free WebMail for existing Toucan email clients

After moving you to our new server platform for improved speed and security of your email and website last year, all clients that have Toucan email accounts can now benefit from Webmail. You can now check and administer your email from any browser anywhere in the world as well as the way you do at the moment.

Simply go to: www.yourdomainname:2096 e.g.

All you need is your email account username and password.

When the page opens up check the box “Open my inbox when I log in” under roundcube and then click  “Open

roundcube email


Further updates plus more productivity and security facilities are scheduled throughout the year – we’ll keep you posted.

Here’s to your success,

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