POP3 and IMAP Email Configuration

These notes are for clients with POP3/IMAP email accounts on Toucan Internet mail servers.

Irrespective of your email client you will need the following information to establish your email account and outbound mail facility.

  • User name or account name: This will be issued to you when the account is established and is typically the lead email address.
  • Incoming POP3/IMAP server: On our latest servers this is mail.domainname for non-SSL. For SSL connections use viper.toucaninternet.com.

    Non-SSL Settings
    • IMAP Port: 143
    • POP3 Port: 110

    SSL Settings
    • IMAP Port: 993
    • POP3 Port: 995
  • SMTP server: This too is always mail.domainname on our latest servers for non-SSL and viper.toucaninternet.comfor SSL connections. Legacy servers may vary as per POP3 instructions above.

Note: Some mail clients will alert about an unverifiable certificate if using non-SSL connections. This is because the mail software is seeing the SSL at the server IP address, however the SSL is valid for viper.toucaninternet.com and not your mailserver address. There is no security issue and you can keep the existing setting or you can change the mailservers to viper.toucaninternet.com and the warnings will stop.

    • SMTP Ports: 587 for non-SSL and 465 for SSL
  • Validation: This is usually in the advanced settings and requires you to confirm if the outbound server requires authentication. There is normally a default option available that says "make SMPT authentication the same as inbound POP3" or similar. This needs to be selected.

Here are some simple step by step guidelines using mail client Outlook 2013 as an example:Mail setup support

Click File in your main menu.

mail support

Add a new account

mail support

Choose Manual setup

Mail support

Choose "POP or IMAP"

mail support

This is where you enter the key information:

  • Your name as you want to be seen in people's email lists
  • your email address
  • the server type which can be POP3 or IMAP depending on your preference. Note, if upgrading from a POP3 account to an IMAP account from experience it is better to start a new account rather than retask an old POP3 account. If trading up to an IMAP account it's usage will probably be different requiring you to upsize your mail box; ask if this is required.
  • Both mailservers on Toucan's latest servers will be mail.domainname
  • add your password being careful to maintain the right capitalisation and tick remember
  • SPA is NOT required
  • the delivery file is a matter of choice for you

Click "More Settings..." and the choose the "Outgoing Server" Tab

Mail support

Check the option for SMTP authentication and choose "Use same settings as my incoming server".

Then go to the "Advanced" tab.

mail support

The port numbers are important as if these are wrong the mail will not work properly or at all. Note these instructions are shown for POP3 without SSL. If you choose IMAP without SSL the IMAP port is 143 instead. In either case the outbound SMTP Port is 587. The SSL ports are detailed at the top of this article.
Select "OK" and test the settings.

Mail support

You should get a success notice like this.


Exceptional conditions noted.

  • If you are using a Mac, the keychains can be an issue. If this is the case deleting the relevant keychain has helped users set up their mail.
  • If you have had multiple failed attempts (usually set to 20) to connect then the server may be blocking you as this is characteristic of a concerted hacking attempt on your account. If this is suspected, then to test, see if you can browse to https://www.toucanweb.co.uk. If you can't browse that site but can browse others, then you have triggered the firewall.
    What to do next; if you have a fixed IP address, as is likely for business networks, we suggest you send us your fixed IP address. We'll white list it so you will no longer be blocked by the firewall. If you are on a domestic broadband connection your IP address is probably dynamic and can change periodically on its own, especially when you reboot your router. If this is the case we suggest you switch off your router for five minutes and then switch it back on. The 5 minutes should be sufficient for it to get a new IP address that will not be blocked which you should check. Additionally if you want to send us your IP address we'll white list you for a day which overrides the security counter, assuming it remains unclanged during that period. You can get to your IP address from http://www.whatismyip.com. Mail this information to dns@toucanweb.co.uk and we will reply. The typical maximum turn around time will be one business day for business tariff clients but this may be within a couple of hours on normal business days.
  • Occasionally you may be challenged once on set up with a security warning. This is OK and you can accept it.
    If you want to check the certificate it is issued to "viper.toucaninternet.com".
    Mail Support



When setting up an email account the basic instructions provided are for the account to be set up on a single device/computer that is to receive and send email to and from that email account.

As email accounts can be configured in many permutations it is recommended that email accounts are configured by IT professionals, especially when multiple devices/computers are accessing the same account.

Diagnostic support is available to IT professionals installing Toucan Internet email accounts as required.

Toucan Internet has a network of IT support companies qualified to integrate its services with online networks, mobile devices and computers and will be pleased to make a recommendation should you not have your own IT support facility.

For clarity the scope of Toucan Internet's supply is solely the provision and maintenance of the services excluding local device/computer configurations.

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