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"Don't spoil the ship for an 'apeth of tar"

How many great websites do you see that fail to deliver because they're slow or dysfunctional? Maybe you've got one and don't know about it as all you see is a lower return from your site than expected because website visitors are not patient people, if they don't see what they want quickly they move on to another site that does deliver and your business opportunity is lost, possibly for ever.

As developers we work on a range of servers that deliver people's websites, both here and abroad and we see vast differences in performance.

Take an example of a UK company wanting to market to a UK audience and therefore requires a reasonable performance from Google, however they host abroad. Anecdotally, and backed by thousands of web developers' past experiences, Google knows where your server is by its IP address and therefore makes an assumption about the location of your market. (tech note: as shortage of available IPv4 addresses becomes a major issue we believe Google will ultimately pay less attention to the geo location of your server). The bottom line is choose a host provider within the geographic location of your market.

You get what you pay for and you can pay next to nothing for hosting at one end of the scale and significantly more for a fully provisioned host. Coming back to the prime business criterion of why businesses need hosting, it is to deliver their online message and customer facilities fast and efficiently so as to gain maximum advantage - you want to be the best performer over your competition. At the lower end of the market servers are max'ed for profit, they have to be thus, so that the host provider can make a profit. This means that, by our standards, the servers are overworking. Monitoring these we see server processors running between 95% and 100% during the working day. They struggle to deliver their clients' websites and online resources.

Toucan Internet's servers are dual processor and barely get above 15% capacity. They're deliberately oversized to give maximum performance with resilience as they are hosted right on the Internet back bone in London's Docklands. Cost'wise Toucan is comparable with all business class host providers and the added bonus you get is that you can readily talk to someone who knows you and also is involved and passionate about your online success.

Good Hosting = Well connected quality hardware + right location + readily available personal support

Here's a summary list of the resources available:

  • Webserver
  • Secure webserver facilities - for passing sensitive data in encrypted form
  • Email services - full details here >>>
  • FTP services
  • Statistical analysis - graphical performance statistics on-line
  • Web forwarding - so you website comes up under other domain names too
  • Database facilities
  • Dynamic scripting language support


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Summary of bespoke services

Our clients benefit from:

  • Creative corporate design for your logo and business stationery
  • Creative website design so your website is original
  • Professional website construction so your site is visible to all visitors and complies with standards
  • Web app development and integration
  • Search engine optimisation using real world keyword usage research for maximum impact
  • Post launch marketing and support to maximise your investment >>>
  • Content management systems, on-line statistics, eCommerce facilities, merchant integration ......

............... in fact anything that you need for a commercially successful Internet presence.

If you're looking for a low cost or start-up website that is still built to the same exacting standards with a content management but at a lower cost you may want to consider a Wordpress website from us.


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