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Is your website a cobweb?

As part of producing commercially successful websites Toucan Internet provide optimisation and marketing resources. This kind of work for all types of business from City Head Hunters to smaller pubs/hotels in the Lake District.

You’ve made the first important step and identified that having a website itself is not necessarily enough to bring the business the online success it seeks. At Toucan we build commercially successful websites from scratch and, with this knowledge, are able to provide support to those businesses that maintain their own websites, but do not have the up-to-date knowledge of the Search Engine Optimisation requirements, may not have the facilities to perform the ongoing Search Engine Marketing and may want to add Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing to their marketing mix.

With a well positioned website being found under your industry key search terms the site will have an increased stream of relevant prospective customers. The job is then for your webmaster to make these visitors respond to you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Assuming we are working with your webmasters, the pre-promotion or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) stages are:

  • determine your requirements
  • establish liaison with your webmasters
  • determine your general keywords and key phrases and research these to get to real world activity
  • produce a definitive ordered list of search terms on which you agree
  • review the website as to how it can be optimised to these agreed terms and to general good practice rules
  • provide a report to you and your webmaster so you are aware of requirements and they can update the website
  • review the updated site

Once the site is properly optimised we can then move onto the promotional work.

Expand this - calls to action, passage to end goal, integration of analytics and webmaster

Search Engine Marketing

We submit to the Internet search engines and directories both manually and using auto submission software. The manual submissions are done to the prime search engines that are responsible for the bulk of UK search traffic, such as Google, AllTheWeb and DMOZ as the results from manual submissions are more effective. The other submissions are done to the 'also ran' search engines by automatic methods as this is the most cost effective option. For the technical reader, this procedure includes speed benchmarking, (we regularly get in dependant reports from Google that our sites are in the top 5% of the world's fastest websites), robots.txt, backlink checking and cultivation, effective backlink terms review as seen by Google, dynamic errors checking as seen by Google, Google Local entry addition and maintenance, minor SEO updates, updating and registering the XML site map, malware review, competition benchmarking, and much more. These are largely all procedures performed behind the scenes that will significantly influence the search engine results that your website attains.

After each submission you will receive a submission report. After the third session the results will normally start to appear and we can see indicators as to how to improve the results. Whilst there is no guarantee of a search engine position without paying for it by a Pay Per Click campaign, Toucan does gain good results for its clients who understand that we have to work together to get the results over a period of time.

After the first registration session the next recommended session is at the six week point and then three monthly thereafter.

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There’s a lot to take in so we'll be pleased to chat over the details with you. Suffice to say that with every client that we have worked with we have always gained them significant results and we’d like to include your business in this success with a solid return on investment.

If you want us to take a look at your website and give you a FREE review, please contact us and ask for a FREE website search engine optimisation review.


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