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Choosing the right level of services for your business is most important. If you are running mission critical processes through your website and your email facilities then anything impeding those will need to be dealt with at the upmost speed.

Business class services
Having been a business class service provider for many years this is our typical high level of responsiveness that client’s value – being able to talk to someone hands on at the time. Whilst it costs a little more to deliver this very personal and reassuring service it gives the businesses the peace of mind they seek. For business class services response to your issues is our highest priority.

Essential Services
Where there is a requirement for quality Internet services, but with a greater economy, Essential Services is available as an option. The services are similar however the support is managed with our efficient ticket system and response time is typically one business day with all correspondence via email/ticket system.

A summary of the key components of the two levels are here:


  • Email and webservices support is by Ticket at
  • Email is POP3 or IMAP without Spam filtering
  • Support response is typically within one business day by email
  • Websites will have one recoverable backup on server within the last week
  • Websites will have one recoverable backup off site within the last week
  • Website restoration from backup is typically £65
  • General service alerts @tistatus



  • Support response is in person by phone, Skype and/or email typically within a couple of hours if not sooner. Outside time is typically 6 business hours
  • Websites will have up to 12 recoverable backups sets going back up to 3 months on server for immediate recall
  • Websites will have up to an additional 12 recoverable backups sets going back up to 3 months off server for  recall
  • Website restoration from backup is typically £15
  • Email accounts are extendible with Autoresponders, Individual Spam Quarantine boxes and web mail facilities.
  • General service alerts @tistatus

All services backed by people who care about your success as if it was their own; because it is.

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