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Getting your Sketch Video is very straight forward........


What do you need to do is:

  • Give us a guide as to how long you want your video to last.

  • Give us the script for our designer to work from.
    Remember that ultimately you will be charged for any additional duration so you need to bear this in mind when writing the voice-over script. Don't worry, if you advise us you want a one minute Sketch Video and you send us a script that is too long or too short, we'll advise you before a final financial commitment is made.
    For guidance one page of A4 in MS Word at 11pt will be about two minutes.
    As each sketch and voice-over is designed from scratch from your script, the script you provide must be the EXACT script you want included and ensure that it is a perfectly finished version when supplied to us. The voice-over will be word for word from it and the sketches will match the wording also!
    Up to three free minor amendments to the video are included in the pricing.

  • Let us know if you want to provide your own "voice-over" or whether you wish for us to provide this from your script. If you provide the voice-over there is no charge for adding this to your Sketch Video. If you want us to provide the voice-over this is itemised in the price list.

  • Let us know if you have any specific content or ideas you would like used within the sketch such as including yourself or company logo as a "sketch" within your video. If you do you'll need to provide us suitable images. Maybe you want a certain drawing to be used at any point within your video, just let us know and highlight this at the relevant point in the script.

  • From receipt of
    • a final script
    • any additional instructions
    • content
    • payment

      the completion time is approximately 10 – 14 days. The deliverable is an MP4 movie for you to process as you wish.
      You will have full media rights to this movie across all channels without restriction upon completion.

  • To start the process you can call Simon on 01279 871 694 or email at and we'll send you the current best pricing.

  • If you're ready to get your order underway send over your purchase order to with:
    • your contact information
    • the estimated duration
    • the voice-over files if applicable
    • any additional content if applicable

  • Upon receipt we'll verify that all is in order and issue you a proforma invoice for payment. Upon payment of which we will start development of your Sketch Video which will typically be delivered within 10 to 14 working days.


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