Email Security

Email Security

The threats to our businesses by malicious content spread by email are legion. Nobody is immune to these relentless unwanted intrusions that range from unwanted Spam and Phishing attempts to the more sinister and harmful viruses. If you opted to only receive email sent to dedicated names@yourdomain then you’ve put in the most basic of steps and decided not to receive all the mail sent to your domain. This in itself will massively reduce the Spam you actually receive. You have many options as to how you handle your email security and we’ll be pleased to discuss this with you, just give us a call on 01279 871 694. Toucan Internet has reviewed the market place and has chosen a system with a great pedigree to provide a top class business service backed by world leaders in email security.

Toucan Internet Email Security – Spam and virus blocking service

Key benefits

  • Easy to use basic controls for the client that wants to “set and forget”
  • Protect your staff from unwanted emails
  • No local PC or server configuration changes required
  • No software to download or keep updated
  • No network maintenance or local support issues
  • Everything is handled online before the messages get to your mailbox or server
  • Daily digest of suspect emails trapped in your online quarantine box. From this you can release

messages and white or blacklist senders This is a full business class provision.

Details and Costs

The control panel allows control over how users handle the quarantined messages and notifications, and how they handle senders. The generic settings are invariably fine for most users and they run their security services largely “hands off”, just verifying what has been quarantined once a day by looking down the digest that is emailed every afternoon. Toucan Internet’s email security service costs include multiple domains and are costed per user, irrespective of the number of email addresses they have across their domains; all that users quarantined email goes to their specific personal quarantine box. Costing is a single user charge per year with a one off setup fee. If multiple users are set up at the same time then subsequent users are applied at a significantly lower setup cost. Subsequent changes to setups attract an administration fee. Note that one doesn’t need to have email services with Toucan or even have to have the domain with Toucan to use these services. The services can be applied to all email account types from stand alone POP3 accounts to MS Exchange and Cloud accounts.

Summary of Terms and conditions:

All provision is subject to our published prevailing terms and conditions and we reserve the right to vary these without notice.

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