Mobile App Development   Mobile App Development

Toucan also builds mobile apps.

Effectively engage with your clients with mobile apps. 

Share your ambitions and ideas with us and we’ll see where that discussion leads. Our specialist developers and designers will know how to best help you deliver your value to your clients.

Build the data infrastructure of your mobile app or integrate it with existing data sources such as your website


What is a mobile app?

A mobile app is a program that runs on a smartphone or tablet. Being designed for use on these devices apps will run on operating systems (OS) Android and iOS making them widely accessible.

Android is the most common OS by Google and is used by the majority of today’s smartphones

iOS is Apple’s OS and is at the heart of iPhones and iPads

Mobile apps serve so many purposes, ranging from games to eshops and communication platforms. Apps for both platforms are in their respective app stores – Google Play for Android and AppStore for iOS.

Why you should develop an app for your business?

Mobile apps have triggered major shifts in consumer behaviour because when used as part of your wider communications and marketing strategy the impact on your business is more than significant.

 With your app on a smartphone you are continuously linked to your clients and can readily interact with push messages and in return your clients can order services and goods, communicate with you, follow links to your website and more.

Some Advantages of Your Mobile Application

  • key point Greater user engagement
  • key point Increase business accessibility
  • key point Meet customer expectations
  • key point High visibility branding
  • key point A powerful client engagement tactic
  • key point Improves customer loyalty
  • key point Easy payment interface
  • key point Readily scalability as you grow
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