Resources The 5 keys to high converting websites

Here at Toucan Internet LLP we have been building and developing websites for well over 20 years. During that time we’ve developed a core knowledge of what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to effective website development that does the job and delivers great results.

We believe a website should be a reflection of your brand and your message in order to connect with potential clients and convert them into paying customers; so I’ve put together “The 5 Keys to High Converting Websites” you need for online success.

Each Key builds upon the next, with the first Key being a critical foundation that makes sure you are portraying the right message in the right way. Get this Key wrong and you may as well go home because the rest will just not be effective. If you would like some support in implementing these 5 Keys you can contact us here.


Tell them what you do

Now that is as obvious as the nose on your face! Well you’d think so but just look at the world of websites out there and you will see businesses lead with straplines like:- 

  • “The best solution for your needs”,
  • “Considerable savings for clients in our area”
Tell them what you do

Assuming you have a fast website, you have a maximum of somewhere from three seconds to ten seconds to tell the visitor what you’re about before you’re dismissed in favour of another search engine suggestion. This comes from reviewing general site performance data and varies from audience to audience.

Comments like “The best solution for your needs” are fine lower down in the details so long as they’re substantiated and in context, but as a hook to get people in, you’re not putting your best stuff first.

“We’re your dream website developer” – would be a lead title that works as it says we’re Web Developers plain and simple.

  • “The best solution for your needs”,
  • “Considerable savings for clients in our area”


Who is your website addressing?

As part of your strategic planning and research you will
already have identified the profile of your ideal client.

Any messaging on your website needs to be addressed to this person directly; you need to talk directly to their worries and pain points as these are the ever-present continuing concerns that are with them. If they read about something that addresses their pain points and then goes on to explain how you can make these issues go away or turn in to positives, then you have captivated their attention. 

Website addressing


The winning opening title

You can spend a lot of time perfecting this but it’s worth getting right as it will instantly switch a visitor on or off. We’d always suggest coming up with a few Titles and running them past people who know your business well; ask them to give you a realistic critique as others often see things differently. When composing these lead titles, not only do we need to consider the profile of person we’re seeking to attract, but if we can be aspirational too, that will have a further positive impact on the returns.

We could therefore improve on
“We’re your dream website developer”
“Website development for unexpected big online wins”

opening title


Credibility “Back it up with evidence!”

It’s all very well you publishing the stunning claims about your products and services which we all know to be absolutely true, however, without any evidence, they have little substance and carry minimal sway.

This is where clear and positive reinforcement of your message is essential. Traditionally these are the testimonials, and this has been the case since well before the Internet existed. You need to make these testimonials effective by making them more credible – many a cynic will say that they’re written by the marketing department – shame on them! 


Genuine testimonials, which include some or all of these credibility elements will carry more authority and serve you better – name, position, company name, date, photograph and logo.

If these testimonials come from the principles of some flagship projects, don’t settle for just the testimonial as evidence of your excellence, expand it into a case study. Detail the original customer pain moving to success of how the work has benefitted the customer. Furthermore, get them in front of a camera and do a mini interview and include that in the case study. Now you’re looking very credible and more desirable!


Ask for the order

This Key too predates the internet as I recall my very early sales training in the 80’s. Whilst much has radically changed socially, in fact changed out of all recognition and beyond any futurist’s dream, there is still the fundamental question to be asked, “Can I have your order please?” 

So many processes, salesman, people, websites and systems do not yield anywhere near their potential because they don’t leap the last hurdle and ask the visitor to act.

This in current vernacular is the Call to Action. It’s invariably the last part of the journey for the visitor. You got them to the website by good SEO or other channels, you’ve resonated with their issues, you’ve fed their interests, you’ve persuaded them you have something to make their life better, you’ve convinced them you’re a desirable supplier so then you must conclude the journey for them:-


How many of your website pages do not have a credible, effective and obvious close? 


You may have heard some of these keys before, most people have heard one or two, seldom people know how to implement and communicate them in the right way especially when it comes to their website.

Having worked with hundreds of clients on their web development over the years, we’ve seen how getting these clear and presented in the right way can not only lead to an increase in conversions but an increase in income and expert positioning within your field. Here’s what Fiona had to say about the impact of us working together to get this right for her business: 

We have a new website that now projects our brand and our message perfectly. As a family run business providing executive offices and commercial units in lovely countryside just outside of Braintree, we need to get our unique message out to businesses looking for premises in the area in an effective way that generates more clients.

We put out some enquiries and a few web development teams were recommended; we were however most impressed with Toucan Internet. Their principal, Simon Thomas, immediately understood the Lynderswood difference and put forward a website plan to work with us that spoke to our important points of difference, including our family values and demonstrating the benefits of having these well-located commercial facilities at one with natural environment of the Essex countryside.

Our new website brings clarity to those looking for premises, leading to higher occupancy, greater profit and positions us as preferred office and commercial premises in Essex.

Please take this endorsement of Toucan Internet as a recommendation to consider them for your web development project and expect a fun journey.

If you have any further questions or would like to book a call to chat more about how we can help you implement the 5 Keys to High Converting Websites, or help with your web development please contact us.