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Toucan Team - Simon ThomasSimon

Passionately involved in the success of every customer project, Simon is the main contact point for all clients. As the prime driving force behind the business he's full of enthusiasm for everything the business does and always ready to talk to anyone who needs to better their company performance on line. “Apart from managing the project teams, keeping up to date with search engine marketing is a major part of my role as it can make massive differences to our customers’ bottom line”

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 Toucan Team - Victoria


A recent extension to our creative team, Victoria provides website design including this website design plus design for print for our clients – business stationery, business cards, referral pads and so on.



Toucan Team - AndyAndy

Andy is an Honours graduate from Birmingham University and brings to the team the advanced programming innovation that is required to build sites with advanced facilities such that they deliver results and return highly on the clients' investments.

Andy continually pushes the envelope of what is possible and has an intuitive understanding of clients' needs, quickly building respect and a rapport, making for excellent working relationships and great productivity.

When not busy on projects Andy can be seen letting off steam tricking.

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Apart from having all round design and coding skills, Kevin is our lead Flash developer and has produced some remarkable and outstandingly creative Flash elements for our clients. Kevin also keeps a keen eye on accessibility and has extended training in this area.




Provides the knowhow to keep your network or PC up and running and provides support both onsite and offsite in relation to configuring Toucan's emails services with your equipment. This can be anything from a PC to your smart phones. He provides advice that's inspired yet practical and cost effective,


Toucan Team - HelenHelen

Helen has been working with WordPress for over 6 years when it was still a little known blogging platform. Converting an existing website to WordPress, adding a contemporary twist, or working from a bespoke design, virtually any website can be placed on this versatile and open source platform.

Helen comes from an engineering background and enjoys working with clients. As part of the training she ensures they can develop their knowledge enabling them to update their own website whilst keeping within SEO goals, adding new pages and posts.

When any spare time falls into her day she likes to have a game of tennis.

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Toucan Team - AndrewAndrew

A technical all rounder bringing advanced programming to the business with skills from his Computer Science/ Business degree.

His deep understanding of CSS and cross browser compliance are important on every single project. One of his biggest projects so far is the popular website where the entire customer relationship is automatically managed by intuitive server side programming.

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With advanced database functionality being a prerequisite to most successful websites so they deliver facilities such as forums, shopping carts, merchant integration, content management, back office integration, and online sales we need to provide solid reliable coding and database design. Shona has completed many installations with Toucan. If you’ve bought and paid for a London theatre ticket online or been lucky enough to join the Aston Martin owners club online, then you’ve more than likely used one of Shona’s systems at some time in the past.

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Toucan Team - Jeremy Rose 


Creative graphics that makes any website stand head and shoulders above the crowd, designs that are sympathetic to your branding, and if you don’t have logos and branding his design skills extend to those areas too.  Independently acclaimed as a true creative wizard Jeremy also provides us advanced presentations in all mainline media including MS Powerpoint, Keynote and Adobe Director.


Toucan Team - Denise 


Our administrator and lady of figures keeping our accounts penny perfect and our credit control up to the mark. Masses of past experience as a local government officer and company secretary.  All domain administration, purchases and renewals are handled.

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If “to boldly go”, bad Capitalization, badder grammer or just poorly constructed English is read by your customers, they are likely to form a poor opinion of the professionalism of your business.

If the English is poor then, rightly or wrongly, the underlying assumption is that this is the standard of work you'll be providing.

We will write copy for your website if required and we’ll even be pleased to take your provided copy and proof read it. This way there’s a double check that your presentation to the world is as professional as it can be which may just turn a “maybe”  into a “yes”.



In terms of audience numbers, most of your sales and marketing probably takes the form of the written word. And most of those words probably have less than six seconds to make an impact.

Think about that. That was the time it took you to read the last three sentences.

Andy writes words that work. Sometimes that means words that sell, pretty much always it means words that get a response, and increasingly it means words that will appeal to both a human being and a search engine.



The latest addition to our team we're pleased to welcome Seb as our wordsmith with a focus on driving our clients' social media programs, be that an ad hoc article or a structured campaign with us managing your campaign and engaging with your social responders.



Toucan Team - JaneJane

With a passion for writing and a beady eye for typos and detail too, I'm delighted to be the copy writing part of the Toucan team. I've been involved in the craft of writing for decades and now love the challenge of web work, helping Toucan clients communicate brilliantly with their customers!




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Oppeetunites at ToucanOpportunities ....

Toucan Internet LLP requires accomplished freelance web developers with impeccable MySQL and PHP skills to join the team. Full understanding of jQuery, responsive development and standards compliance are essential. If you're interested and want to find out more please contact us. In the first instance please email us details plus some impressive URL's, detailing your involvement in the project.

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