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Information, articles, “how-to” documents and videos are gathered here for the benefit of clients.
This archive is new in June 2021 and has a great deal of content queuing for inclusion.

Starting a Website Project with Toucan Internet LLP

The Journey Ahead

Taking on a new supplier for something that is critical to your business and possibly in an area where you have limited expertise can always be daunting. Several people at this stage have asked us what our process is so to help people coming on board with Toucan Internet I’ve put this short introductory video together. 

The Toucan Process for Successful Projects

Over the years, here at Toucan Internet LLP we’ve honed our processes and aligned our teams to collaborate and from this has emerged a workflow that just makes great projects easy and fun to deliver for all. The diagram is a typical work flow that makes sure we all know where we are in the process and that every critical stage. is addressed.

Interested in learning more about improving your website performance? Let’s talk.


New Website

Design and Development Considerations

Whilst every website is different in design, who it serves, the accessibility needs, the search engine optimisation, the integration, the functionality and more, there are some fundamental questions that apply to everyone.

The questions in the document will help us understand you and the project ahead in greater depth and this leads to improved outcomes. 

New Website

Toucan eCommerce

Website Functionality Check List

Over the years we’ve developed eCommerce systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes and not one has ever been the same.

To avoid the pitfalls and missing something critical, it is a process that must start with a thorough review of everything by all the stakeholders. 

Do this and you stand a good chance of building a system that will serve the business well and have longevity and value.

There’s not one prescriptive route however here are the Key Steps plus raft of other considerations to help you get a commanding understanding of the your project ahead and a chance of best outcomes.


Solicitors’ Guide to Client Winning Websites

Your website is an integral and critical tactic in the overall marketing strategy of your legal practice.

Without doubt anyone considering using your services will take reference on you by consulting your website as part of their “pre purchase” research. You get one chance to get this right and if your message does not greet them in a manner that convinces them you’re the right people for the job you will never hear from them; you’ll actually be oblivious to the fact a potential client glanced.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Get better returns – understand how you can improve the experience visitors have on your website 

  1. ALERT Google Universal Analytics Stops Tracking on 1st July 2023 

Depending on your specific needs we can give you the resources needed to make your website more effective including updating your Google Analytics:

  • Google Analytics 4 Basic installation
  • Google Analytics 4 Bespoke installation
  • MS Clarity for user activity tracking
  • Visitor behaviour tracking
  • Visitor behaviour analysis
  • Moderated user group sessions and reporting 
Google Analytics 4 Installation graphic