WordPress Maintenance Package

WordPress as a website publishing platform is a great enabler for anyone or any enterprise getting online with minimal cost and effort, and with good impact. However with that ease comes responsibility which is frequently overlooked introducing tangible security issues and their consequences.

By the nature of running a website using a third-party platform and a theme from another provider and plugins from others there is the scope for a world of issues. Fortunately most developers of these resources are responsible and respond with updates to issues with their components.

Also, when security vulnerabilities are exposed the responsible providers will promptly patch their software and provide a new release. So apart from benefitting from new features being added to WordPress, your theme and your plugins, by updating you’re also ensuring that you secure your website against any known security vulnerability.

Having seen the rise in malicious hacker activity over recent years it is imperative that you keep your WordPress website installation up to date. Clients on Toucan’s hosting benefit from servers with multiple layers of security however we’ll not be able to protect you if your WordPress installation is not kept current.

Competent administrators can do this for themselves when there are no upgrade issues and they will just call us in if there are problems. Update issues tend to be seen more often with WooCommerce installations than basic websites. On the other hand, we offer a service whereby we take those worries away and manage the routine updates and minor issues for you.

Not keeping your WordPress installation up to date either yourself or with our support will almost certainly cause you security issues at some stage. If there are hacker issues due to poor maintenance that compromise the integrity of a Toucan server, then the site will be taken offline until it can be updated and safely reinstated. This is all by way of providing our clients the best possible information and services so that their websites continue to deliver the best possible value and performance.

Outsourced support

For those who choose to outsource this support we offer a bundle of services that cover the key requirements giving you the assurances you need. This service is available to Toucan hosted clients and clients on third party servers. Clients using Toucan’s Business class hosting will have 12 backups available spanning three months ready for immediate selection and restoration. Clients using Toucan’s Essential class service will have at least one recent backup ready for prompt restoration.

Just a few of the things we can fix!

Scope of service includes the following …..


Automatic security monitoring.


Restorations from backup in the event of corruption or infection. Assumptions are that the site is on a readily accessible server and the backups are readily (one click) restorable backups. If not we can work with you to create a suitable backup regime.


  • Proactive Core WordPress updates.
  • Managing any small site corrections that may occur due to core updates.
  • Confirmation report of WordPress Core and plugin update activities completed by email with any observations, recommendations or warnings.


  • Proactive theme updates. Theme updates are invariably tested on staging servers before live release with developers checking and securing the update before it is deployed to the live site. This obviates any update issues closing or breaking the live site. If you have a staging server it is contracted with your normal hosting.  If you don’t, then this work is completed on your live site.
  • Managing any small site corrections that may occur due to plugin updates. This includes corrections to minor issues that the theme update may introduce however it does exclude significant issues that may arise. In that instance we’ll be able to demonstrate these issues on the staging server (if commissioned) for you to see and estimate the remedial work accordingly. Remember this is on our staging server so your live site remains untouched and functional.
  • Confirmation of Theme update activities completed by email with any observations, recommendations or warnings.

All this plus peace of mind for typically under £100 per month

Based on an annual order billed quarterly plus VAT

Get Professional WordPress Support Now….

Now you see the way to get the best from WordPress and not be a victim of any security issues tell us how we can help.

  • We work with developers and designers from enterprises of all sizes from sole traders to multimillion Pound businesses.
  • You don’t need to worry about security updates to your WordPress site and Blogs – we do that for you keeping you safe.
  • We are WordPress specialists.

    Interest : Routine Security & Maintenance - as listed aboveEmergency SupportOne off review and update of WordPress core, Theme and pluginsWordPress developmentOther

    Simon has been instrumental in moving our website forward and helping it to achieve a higher profile. He has worked hard to overcome a number of obstacles in a very efficient way. He is patient and understanding; his calm manner makes him a pleasure to work with.

    Liane Kemp Director Kemphaus Kitchens

    We are all very impressed with the level of support from you and your team and look forward to working with you next year. Please pass on our thanks to  your team of IT warriors.

    Richard Hawes General Manager GR Wrights Flour Mills