Aerial Photography

View the world from a different perspective and captivate visitors.

Affordable professional aerial drone video footage and still photography on your website can yield stunning images and more importantly engage with your clients and site visitors in a very powerful way. What makes for the best drone imagery and experience is:

  • Only work with professional drone pilots who have special permissions for aerial operation by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. This means they are authorised to use drones in UK airspace safely and legally.
  • Only work with professional drone pilots who carry professional liability insurance.
  • The videography and photographic expertise needs to be a top expertise in your chosen provider, it’s more than flying the drone.
  • The provider must be able to complete the post production editing to a expert level as the finishing touches will give your video the polish to make you look the best you can be.

We do all this and more

Our clients are usually favourably surprised at the cost of this so if you’re interested and want a surprise too please contact Simon with your interest.