Creating or developing a visual identity

On some projects where the business is new there may be no corporate identity in place. We work with the client to understand the business, where it sits in its marketplace and its goals to create this identity. The creative design for a logo will invariable go through a few steps until you’re happy that it represents your business well and is a design that you will be function well across all media. The logo is the visual tag that people will instantly identify with, so it’s worth the time to get this right.

Often we work in sketch form to initially come up with concepts, the strongest concepts are then progressed into Illustrator form and passed to the client for feedback. We then enter the development stage where the concepts evolve with the client’s feedback, ending with a happy customer and a finished logo ready for the world to see.

Whilst a logo is key to your business your full visual identity should be determined so it is used sympathetically and consistently in all media. We provide guidance for cross platform implementation of your brand, including usage, placement, colour palettes and primary and secondary fonts.

Once the logo is completed we’ll provide it in multiple formats so it can be used across all print and digital projects, along with the option of providing simple brand guidelines for ease of application to other environments and for consistency.

Brand, Visual Identity and Logo design