Workflow Automation

Bespoke Workflow Automation

What is workflow automation?

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Put quite simply it’s putting your processes into an automated system that does what you currently do manually. This usually gives a number of benefits to the enterprise such as:

  • Staffing costs are saved
  • Processes get actioned immediately
  • Processes are not constrained to one physical location
  • Human error is removed
  • Management reporting and overview can be done on the fly
  • Automatic checks and balances can be built in to spot any alert conditions
  • The process can interact with other systems bring about a degree of automation intelligence
  • Restricted access can be given to clients to monitor their stake

In fact these are the obvious items, however when we scope a project in detail, that’s where we invariably pull out the real value gems. These are items specific to an enterprise’s process that will bring additional value beyond the obvious automation wins.

How we do this

We sit down with you and we discover together. Clients usually have already got well thought out processes in place, however these are typically heavily dependant on manual interactions with spreadsheets, email and alike. The aim is normally to take those processes, and with input from all stakeholders including the staff currently running the system, automate it. This means writing the process into a program that is delivered on PC, Tablet or Smartphone. We talk to all stakeholders so that the User Experience accommodates all the real-world conditions they have to deal with day in day out; they will also invariably advise any shortfalls of existing manual system that can also be improved with automation.

Should there be any existing systems in place such as barcode readers, stock accounting, shipping portals etc. we’d plan to seamlessly integrate with those too.

Our solutions are bespoke and therefore written with you in mind. This makes them simple in appearance and un-bloated without the need for unwanted facilities common with off the shelf solutions that are not a perfect fit.

Our Process

Workflow automation process diagram

Workflow automation process diagram example

For most leaping into a bespoke development can be a bridge too far and there’s comfort in staying with your old trusted systems, despite the overhead and inefficiencies. This is however just the thinking your competition loves as it leaves you at a commercial disadvantage.

Reducing the risk and gaining the value is the task of anyone in the c-suite and this is how we do it.

Embarking on an infrastructure investment without a solid plan is foolhardy in the least. It is the solid foundation of a fully researched and scoped project that makes for a great journey with agreed outcomes on budget, time and content. Researching and writing a fully scoped project document give both parties the clear understanding of everyone’s expectations. This also serves to bring clarity when requests for additional functionality emerge during the project.

Our process in a nutshell is:

  • Introductory call together to get a basic understanding
  • Meeting to extend the understanding further
  • We provide a broad overview from which we can give a ball park figure for the project scoping and build.
  • Client commissions the detailed scoping
  • We visit and have a detailed meeting with all stakeholders
  • Wireframe diagram of page pre-development

    Wireframe diagram of page pre-development

    Over the next two weeks we write up the scope; a detailed project specification that will usually include process diagrams, specification of the functionality of all facilities, wire-frame diagrams for key process screens and a cost to deliver this

  • The scope is concluded and agreed by both parties so there is a crystal clear understanding of all expectations
  • The project interactions are managed in our online project management system to which everyone is party. This way even the smallest of detail cannot be missed
  • The development is managed on our development servers with full input and testing from all concerned
  • The development is complete and signed off
  • The project is moved to a live environment
  • Any training required is provided
  • Considerations are made for ongoing support, maintenance and extension of functionality

It is a tried and tested path and I invite you to have that first exploratory chat with me now to see if there’s value for your business.

We are all very impressed with the level of support from you and your team and look forward to working with you next year. Please pass on our thanks to  your team of IT warriors.

Richard Hawes General Manager GR Wrights Flour Mills

I have to say I am very pleased with the service.
I had my doubts whether we would be able to sort the website but I am very pleased with the outcome. 

Thank you for sorting it.

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